What Factors Into the Cost of Roof Repair?

contractor repairing a residential roofing system

Repairing a roof is far from a straightforward procedure, and if anyone knows this firsthand, it’s our roofers in Mercer County, NJ. There are countless factors to consider when it comes to roof repair, and all of them affect the timeline and cost of the project. Have you ever wondered what these factors are? Consider this your behind-the-scenes look at how our experts calculate roof repair costs!

Roof Size

One of the first things roofing contractors consider when they calculate the cost to repair your roof is its size. Expect to pay more if your home is on the larger side or if you have a type of roofing that spans multiple levels. For instance, a gable or “tiered” roof will be more complex to repair than a flat roof, so you can expect to pay slightly more. 

Roof Features

Do you have multiple chimneys and skylights on your roof? These features make your home look beautiful, but they can also affect the final cost to repair your roof. Even minor roof repairs can be complicated by the existence of these additions since they allow opportunities for water to sneak in and cause roof leaks later down the line.

Roofing companies may charge a flat rate and then add additional charges for these obstacles, or they might give you a quote for the expected total repair cost including them. If you’re worried about these components of your roof, speak with roofing contractors ahead of time. They might recommend a masonry company that can rebuild your chimneys, or they might have their own specialists on staff to get the job done for you.

Degree of Damage

One of the first questions contractors will ask you on the job site is, “why are repairs required?” If your roof has sustained severe damage, repair and labor costs will be higher than if you’re dealing with a simple, small problem. This is because repairing big issues (such as serious water damage or weakened support beams) takes longer, requires more materials, and is more labor-intensive. 

Our team of roofers doesn’t believe in charging you for repairs if said repairs don’t actually fix issues with your roof in the long term. That’s why if your roof is too damaged to be properly restored, we might recommend new roof installation in Hamilton, NJ

Materials Used

Roofing materials are another factor that we have to consider when we’re repairing your roof. For instance, replacing asphalt shingles will be less expensive than replacing metal roofing. While you won’t be paying the initial installation cost of the roof again (since, in this case, we’re repairing rather than replacing), you will have to consider the cost of materials when you’re scheduling roof repairs.

Need Roof Repair? Count on Allabaugh Construction! 

When disaster strikes and your roof is damaged, don’t wait to get help. Call Allabaugh Construction for reliable, professional, and affordable roof repair! We offer financing for all homeowners, and we make the entire process simple and stress-free — from booking service to the repair job itself to the final cleanup. Contact us today to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment with our friendly roofers. We hope to hear from you soon!