My Roof Is Leaking. Does It Need to Be Completely Replaced?

No homeowner wants a leaking roof on their hands. If your roof is leaking during rainstorms or during every major weather event, you’re probably sick of placing buckets throughout your home to catch leaks or anticipate the next disaster. And if you’ve been dealing with your roof leaking for a long time, you’ve probably wondered: does my roof need to be completely replaced?

Your leaking roof may need to be replaced, or it may need repairs; it all depends on your individual situation. Our roof replacement specialists serving Mercer County, NJ, have put together this guide to help you determine what kind of servicing may be in order. Let’s take a look:

Replace Your Leaky Roof: Structural Damage

Does your leaky roof have visible damage throughout the surface as well as the support beams? This is a bad sign. A roof with poor structural integrity can’t keep out the elements properly anymore. Your roof is made up of many important components, and the most important ones are inside, so damage to the interior structure can indicate that a replacement may be necessary.

Repair Your Leaky Roof: Small-Scale Damage

You may be able to schedule roof repair rather than replacing a leaky roof if you see no penetrating damage to the structure of your roof, although it’s always a good idea to check with professional roofing contractors. As a general rule, you should schedule an inspection before you decide what your roof needs. Professionals can assess the health of your leaky roof and determine what exactly needs to get done.

Replace Your Leaky Roof: Multiple Leaks

Are you dealing with more than one or two leaks in your roof? This can be a sign your roof has more damage than what can be effectively repaired. If you find yourself getting practically rained on indoors due to multiple roof leaks, roofing contractors will probably recommend full roof replacement.

Repair Your Leaky Roof: Only One or Two Leaks

If you just noticed your roof is leaking and it’s only in one location, roof repair may be able to solve your problem if done quickly and effectively. However, it’s best to act fast to prevent long-term damage to your home’s structure.

Replace Your Leaky Roof: Repair Is No Longer Cost-Effective

If you’ve been spending big bucks on roofing repair, we have some news for you: there’s a point where roof repair is no longer cost-effective. It is better to replace a roof rather than shelling out cash every few years or even months on repairs. Remember, roofing repairs are meant to stabilize a roof rather than repair its structure. Structural repair needs to happen at the base level, meaning it most likely needs to happen as a replacement.

Repair Your Leaky Roof: You’ve Never Needed Repair Before

If your roof has never needed repairs before, you may be able to schedule service for your roof and extend its life effectively. However, as we have already said, you’ll need to be sure to act fast. Water damage is dangerous for all parts of your home; while your roof’s outside layers are designed to keep out the rain, the inner lining materials in your roof aren’t meant to deal with long-term exposure to water.

Replace Your Leaky Roof: Your Roof Is Aging

Most residential roofs have an average lifespan of 15-20 years. If your leaking roof is older than this, you are due for a replacement soon anyway — so it might be wise to start looking at your options before disaster strikes.

Repair Your Leaky Roof: Your Roof Is on the Newer Side

If your roof has been newly installed by a competent roofing contractor, you may be able to solve your leaky roof with a simple repair. While all situations are different, and we can never make an objective claim about every roof, as a general rule, if your roof is on the newer side, you are probably safe to schedule repair for your leaky roof rather than replacement.

Get in Touch With Your Local Roofing Experts

If you’ve got a leaky roof, don’t suffer in soggy silence; book service ASAP! As one of the leading providers of roof repair in Mercer County, NJ, our professional and friendly team will ensure your roof is repaired with the quality and affordability we offer all of our customers. Let us make your leaking roof a thing of the past — we’ll be standing by to hear how we can help!