Roofing Construction

Allabaugh Roofing & Construction LLC provides full-service roofing repairs and installation for homes and businesses in Hamilton, NJ, and surrounding areas. Our team of roofing specialists has been in the roofing system industry for over 20 years. We work with everything from architectural shingles to EPDM roofing systems.  


Allabaugh Roofing & Construction LLC will re-roof your home with new shingles. This process is faster and cheaper than going the tear-off route and has some significant benefits. When a house is re-roofed, new shingles are laid down on top of the old ones. 

Roof Maintenance

When Allabaugh Roofing & Construction LLC installs a roofing system, whether it is for your home or business, we want to know that it is holding up. Our company will come out to your property to perform routine inspections and maintenance to ensure your roof is up to our standards.

A roof being installed on a new-construction house.


Before we install a new roof, we must remove the old roof. Allabaugh Roofing & Construction LLC will dispose of all the old materials from your roof before we install your new roof.

Water and Storm Damage

Allabaugh Roofing & Construction LLC has experience working with the insurance companies in case of storm damage to your roof. We also fix leaks and can patch your roof.

Architectural Shingle Work

Allabaugh Roofing & Construction LLC can replace or repair any missing or loose shingles. If you notice a couple of crooked shingles or that your roof is missing some after a big storm, call us at 814-330-4897.

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