What Should I Do if My Shingles Are Loose?

Multiple asphalt shingles coming loose on a home's roof

Roof shingles play an essential role in protecting your home. They help you avoid costly water damage and even insulate your house, allowing you to save on expensive repairs and heating and cooling costs. If your asphalt shingles are damaged in a storm or loosened by strong winds, it’s crucial that you get in touch with your local shingle experts as soon as possible. Even the smallest amount of shingle damage could lead to costly water and mold damage in the interior of your home.

The key to taking care of loose or missing shingles is to find out why they were damaged in the first place. Fortunately, our roof replacement professionals in Mercer County, NJ, can help you resolve the problem. Keep reading to learn about the most common reasons roofing shingles become damaged and whether or not that means a full replacement is imminent.

Reasons Your Roof’s Shingles Are Loose or Missing

For some homeowners, it’s easy to pinpoint the exact moment their roofing system was damaged. They can say last Thursday’s storm tore shingles off their roof. For other homeowners, the reason their roof’s shingles are loose or missing isn’t so obvious. It can feel like their roof was intact one day, and the next, it was in shambles. There are a variety of reasons roofing shingles become loose or fall off. Below, we explain the top four reasons.

Strong Winds

Shingles come in an array of thicknesses and weights to resist the effects of high winds. Unfortunately, even the most durable types of shingles are not immune to roof damage during severe weather conditions. When the wind is strong enough, it can get underneath the edges of the shingles and break them or tear them off entirely. Shingles on the eaves of the roof are especially at risk of succumbing to the effects of blustering winds.

Improper Installation

A strong indicator that your shingles were incorrectly installed is loose or missing shingles from unknown causes. For example, if there hasn’t been a storm in your area since you got a new roof, but there are still shingles curling on your roof or falling onto your lawn, the contractors did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions or cut corners at some point during the job. You will need professional roofers like the ones at Allabaugh Construction to fix the poor installation job and install new shingles that will hold up to normal wear and tear.

Aging Systems

With proper maintenance, asphalt roofing shingles last an average of 25 years. As the shingles reach the end of their expected lifespan, they begin to dry out, crack, and curl up. At this point, they cannot adequately protect your home from precipitation and UV rays. You will need a professional roofing company to help replace the damaged roof shingles.

Hail Damage

Most of the time, hail storms will not cause asphalt shingles to fall off the roofing system if they are in good condition and properly installed. However, the hailstones can crack or break the shingles, leaving them loose and vulnerable to further damage. Therefore, if your shingles have been weakened in a recent hail storm, you will want to schedule a roof shingle replacement in Mercer County, NJ, as soon as possible to protect your home’s structural integrity from future precipitation.

Do You Need to Replace a Roof With Loose Shingles?

When homeowners first see signs of missing or loose shingles, their stomachs instantly jump into their throats as they worry they will need to replace their entire roofing system. However, a total replacement isn’t always necessary. Often, if the damage is secluded to one area of the roof, our professionals can replace the loose shingles, effectively addressing the problem and leaving the rest of your roof intact.

However, you must note that, in some cases, a roof replacement is the best option. We often recommend replacing the entire roof if the shingles are nearing the end of their life expectancy or if the damage affects several parts of the roofing system. Before beginning any work, our experts will assess the damage and discuss solutions for moving forward.

The Dangers of Loose Shingles

Many homeowners dismiss their loose and curling shingles, believing they are a minor inconvenience they can deal with at a later date. However, these loose shingles can quickly become missing shingles, leading to extensive damage.

When shingles are loose and missing, water and other elements can seep under the shingles and into your home. This moisture can cause costly water damage to the attic, walls, ceiling, and floor, compromising your home’s structural integrity. Additionally, the moisture damage could lead to mold growth, putting your family’s health at risk. Don’t put off getting a roof leak repair or shingle replacement. Protect your home by getting in touch with Allabaugh Construction.

Trust Allabaugh Construction With All of Your Shingle Roofing Needs

Loose and missing shingles are a normal part of homeownership. The good news is that our roofing professionals are only a phone call away. Whether it’s time to repair or replace your roof shingles, our team of experts will complete your project correctly the first time. So for a roof that withstands the test of time, contact our professionals today!