So You Think You Know Roofing Maintenance: Have You Fallen for These Myths?

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If you’re the type of homeowner who practices good roof maintenance, you might think you know everything there is to know about your roof. While our roof maintenance contractors in New Jersey love when clients take good care of their roofs, we also warn homeowners not to believe everything they hear — or assume what they don’t hear. Test for leaks in your roof IQ by reading up on these common roofing maintenance myths. Tally up the myths you already know, and we’ll reveal your roofing knowledge at the end!

Roofing Maintenance Myth #1: It’s Unnecessary

Perhaps the most common among all the roofing maintenance myths we hear is that roofing maintenance is unnecessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Routine maintenance extends the life of a roof, can help catch if a roof is damaged, and overall protects you from paying big bucks down the line.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #2: “No-Maintenance” Roofs Exist

Modern roofs are meant to be maintenance-free, right? Wrong! If you were told this by whoever installed your new roof, you’ve fallen for another one of the most common roofing maintenance myths. Even though modern roofs are built to stand up to 21st-century use, that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance at all. You still need to practice good maintenance habits and schedule routine cleaning and inspection to ensure your new roof lasts its entire service lifespan.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #3: You Can Skip the Gutters

Are gutters part of your roof? You might be scratching your head. Pro tip: the answer is YES! If you don’t have your home’s gutters cleaned regularly, you’re making a big mistake by falling for another of the roofing maintenance myths! Your gutters are crucial as they keep debris off your roof and drain water away, preventing mold and mildew. Clogged gutters can cause disaster, even for an otherwise healthy roof.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #4: No Leaks, No Problem

We’ve seen our fair share of roofing emergencies over many years of performing roof repair in Hamilton, NJ, and surrounding communities. However, these emergencies are often discovered during an inspection rather than dealt with as part of an emergency service call. Why? Simply because many people don’t think their roof requires emergency repair unless they have a leak. Leaks are definitely a reason to call roofing contractors ASAP, but so are bowing ceilings, wet insulation, and cracks and holes in your roof. Don’t wait if you think it’s an emergency — yes, even if there are no leaks to be seen.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #5: You Can Always See Damage

A big tree falling into your roof, a huge missing section of shingles, or a giant fire burning through your roof’s surface — what do all of these have in common, besides being forms of roofing damage? They’re all very obvious and can’t be missed. But to truly make sure your roof isn’t damaged, you have to do more than just look. Your roof’s membrane might be failing right under your nose, and you’d have no idea because the signs are very subtle. Thinking you can always see damage is one of the more dangerous roofing maintenance myths.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #6: No Snow? No Problem

Remove snow from your roof right away? You might be thinking your roof is safe from any damage from the elements. However, this is another roofing maintenance myth. The sun is actually hazardous for your roof over time. The powerful UV rays take their toll on almost all roofing materials over the years.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #7: DIY is Doable

If your roofing problem seems minor, DIY repair is tempting if you’re trying to save a couple of bucks. However, we don’t recommend DIY roof repair. Not only is it dangerous for you (you’ll be standing on ladders, balancing on rooftops, using nail guns and other specialized tools, etc.) it’s also dangerous for your roof. If you use cheap materials or go about the repairs incorrectly, you may be doing more harm than good.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #8: Metal Attracts Lightning

One of the roofing maintenance myths that we often find among our clients is that metal roofs attract lightning. This can be a reason homeowners are hesitant to switch to metal roofs, even though metal is extremely durable and worth looking into as a roof replacement option. Since metal roofs and lightning rods are the same material, isn’t it true that they’ll get struck by lightning? The answer is no; it’s a coincidence.

Lightning takes the shortest path to the ground, so it tends to strike the tallest nearby object. As a result, builders often install lightning rods on skyscrapers or other tall buildings. If there is a lightning strike affecting your home (which will occur with the same likelihood among any roof surface), a metal roof can actually provide the same function as a lightning rod if your home is appropriately grounded.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #9: Warranties Cover All

Unfortunately, a roofing maintenance myth many clients believe is that material warranties cover all roof damage. While we guarantee the quality of our work on roofs and want to keep you protected as long as possible, the fact is that material warranties don’t cover conditions caused by homeowner negligence. Standard warranties specifically cover material defects and installation errors only, so you still need to schedule regular roofing maintenance. In some cases, you can void your warranty by not doing so.

Roofing Maintenance Myth #10: Power Washing Is Harmless

During spring cleaning, when you get out the hose to power wash your siding, you might be tempted to blast debris, leaves, and mildew off your roof as well. However, power washing your roof is harmful. Shooting high-pressure water under shingles or tiles can cause water damage or ventilation problems, as well as damage the coating that keeps your roof protected. This spring, wash your siding to your heart’s content but skip power washing your roof.

How Did You Do With These Roofing Maintenance Myths?

If you already knew 0-2 of these myths, brush up on your roofing know-how. If you got 3-5 right, your roofing knowledge is average. If you scored 6-8, you’ve got a pretty high roofing IQ, and if you scored above 8, you’re a roofing maintenance myth-busting machine!

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