How to Choose the Right Roofing Company for Your Next Project

roofers on asphalt roof

Choosing the right roofing company might seem like a simple and easy task, but there are a lot of factors to consider to help narrow down your options. Roofing companies are aplenty, but not all companies can provide the flexibility of service you desire. Fortunately for homeowners, finding the right roofing contractor is not a difficult task, but it requires you to focus on a few important criteria that all of the best roofing companies should have.

Meet Them in Person

You never want to hire a roofing contractor before meeting them, as it’s important to get a feel for the individuals you’ll be working with. When meeting face to face, you can get a sense of the ideas they have for your home, their familiarity and comfort with the terminology and jobs they’ll be working on, and any red flags you might come across. Meeting them in person will make proceeding with a roofing job much easier.

Don’t Forget About References

Most roofing contractors you come across won’t be sleazy, but you always want to get a sense of how they were with other clients. Check out some of their previous work and discuss with a few clients how they go about planning and enacting their roofing projects. 

Don’t forget to read online reviews and note the years of experience the company has. You’ll feel a bit safer with a company with upwards of two decades of experience providing roofing maintenance and roof installation services than one that just opened a few months ago. 

Don’t Just Go for a Low Price

It might be really tempting to jump on a cheap price and think you’ve got a steal, but don’t forget that no matter what type of roofing job you have done, they all are meant to protect your home and not make it worse. The last thing you want to do is get a cheap roof repair that worsens your roofing situation. A lower price will often come with low-quality materials or be from an independent roofing contractor and not a licensed roofing company. That could be the difference between a good roof job or one that costs you twice as much in the long run.

Get Agreements in Writing

Roofing contractors shouldn’t force you to rush into your jobs unless you absolutely need to repair or replace your roof because of safety concerns. You should get all your agreements in writing, from the cost of your roofing materials to a breakdown of your payment agreement and any other notes directly related to the job. While you’re at it, make sure your contractor has proof of licenses and insurance agreements as well. Prices may vary due to certain extraneous circumstances, but you don’t want to turn around and have your roofer demand an amount you both didn’t agree on, and you have no proof of the original amount that was agreed to.

Ask About the Cleanup

A roofing job is a home improvement project, and you don’t want to notice after your job is complete that you have a bunch of tools and materials lying around that could potentially harm you or your loved ones. Your roofing contractor should outline exactly how they’ll clean up the area around your roof and home and be flexible enough to adapt to any additional cleanups that might be thrown their way.

Discuss Your Options for Unplanned Issues

Your roofing project will likely go well, but you don’t want to ignore the fact that sometimes the job might not turn out the way you wanted. Discuss contingency options with your contractor to prevent potential roofing issues that you might have with the job. 

Sometimes a simple roof repair might expose problems that might lead you in the direction of a roof replacement, or you might not like your home’s curb appeal after a new roof is applied. As infrequent as these situations may be, you and your roofing contractor mustn’t be surprised by each other’s response to unplanned or insufficient work.

Get a Roofing Contractor That Is Prepared for Anything

Working for two decades is a long time, and you’re exposed to some of the craziest situations imaginable. For homeowners looking for roofing repair in Mercer County or to address any other roofing issues, reach out to Allabaugh Construction! Our certified contractors have years of experience working in the roofing industry, so contact us today for more information on why we are the right roofing contractor for your home.