Feelin’ the Heat: How Summer Affects Your Roof

Man on a roof

Your home’s roof is its protection against the elements. As such, your roof has to withstand harsh conditions, extreme weather, and a variety of factors that could damage your home’s underlayment and interior building materials. If your roof fails, your entire home and its contents could be exposed to water damage, mold growth, debris, and outside elements. With this in mind, it’s crucial to look out for potential signs of damage to your roof throughout the summer. 

Keep an eye out for these common summer roof problems from the best roofing contractors in Mercer County, NJ

Beware the Scorching Sun

The long summer days and hot sun can be a significant contributor to how your roof bears the elements over time. The sun’s UV rays can bleach stained wood while also contributing to creating conditions that cause them to weaken and crack over time. Similarly, asphalt shingles can dry out in the summer heat, which can reduce their waterproof capacity. 

Dark roofs and asphalt shingles can attract the heat of the sun’s rays, which can significantly raise the temperature of the shingles themselves. Unshaded roofs can reach temperatures exceeding 160 degrees. Over time, the heat can create condensation, which can build up in your attic and home’s building materials. 

After a day of high heat, the cool evenings can cause thermal shock to your shingles and roofing materials. In the heat, the shingles expand, but in the cool air, they’ll contract. The nightly thermal shock could impact your roof’s structural integrity. 

Summer Wind and Storms

In our area, summer is marked by nightly thunderstorms with intense winds and frequently downed trees. Severe thunderstorms can cause water to pool on your roof, while winds can break branches, damage trees, and litter your home with debris. The combination of these factors could create a perfect storm for water damage, water accumulation, and damage to your roofing materials. 

Cracking, Warping, and Deteriorating

Shingle roofs have their own set of issues. Over time, all shingle roofs will need to be repaired and replaced as problems arise. If this essential maintenance is avoided or put off, summer can cause additional stress on already deteriorating shingles. Older shingles are prone to decaying, warping, and cracking in the summer heat. 

Are you stressed about how the summer heat could affect your roof? Don’t be! With the help of the top-tier roofers in Mercer County, you can prepare for summer with peace of mind. For more information about roofing inspections and roof maintenance, reach out to our team today.